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quinoa_superfoodInca Gold Organics is an innovative company – we understand the nutritional benefits of the Superfoods found in Peru and have built a reputable business in selling quality, organic Superfoods. Since 2008, we have brought these superfoods to the North American tables at affordable prices.

We believe that a diet that incorporates these superfoods supports the human function, and helps to maintain a healthy weight, fight diseases. Improve organ functions and extend quality of life. These superfoods do this, as they provide multiple dense nutrients without adding too un needed calories.

Organic Superfoods Directly from the Source

We are committed to bringing delicious and nutritious superfoods to Canadian tables at affordable prices. We are an innovative company that transforms these functional foods and fruits into nutritious and delicious whole food products adapted to the norms and tastes of Canadians. Our highest priority is quality while maintaining high respect for all involved in the chain of production, and consistency with fair trade practices.

Inca’s Gold Organics is headquartered in the Toronto, but the business caters to a wide range of customers and businesses in North American, and Asia.